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The interactive Tree of Life puts you in the driver's seat to explore the evolutionary links between living things.

To run the interactive you need Flash version 10 or above and JavaScript enabled. Download the latest version of Flash.

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How can I use it?

You can study the interactive Tree of Life as you watch the associated video, swapping between the two as often as you like.

Fly around to explore the interactive and get closer than ever before to the origins of life on earth. Click on a species to view its information. Select two organisms to reveal the evolutionary relationship between them.

Within the interactive, read specially written texts on the different species featured, and browse galleries of animated and still images. It's also your gateway to resources elsewhere on the web to help you find out even more about the organisms featured.

The Tree of Life is an open source project, so you can edit and use all the files from which the tree is built - including image, XML and animation files - under the terms of our Creative Commons licence.

Use it in conjunction with our education resources to learn more about evolution.

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